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New Cancer Research Revolution

Like 14M Americans I have cancer. My personal cancer journey isn’t as important as OUR journey. Our journey has made significant progress.

Twenty years ago having a white blood cell count above 30,000 as mine has been three times, normal is 10,000 or less, would mean I’m not here writing this note.

Progress is a tease. The time to cure cancer is now.

Becoming A Cancer-Preneur

I decided to ride a bicycle across America during the summer of 2010 hoping a long bicycle ride would make it clear how to spend my third act. I needed to prove something too – that a long deferred dream could be realized even after being labeled with a Big C.

No lightening bolts or burning bushes along the 3,300 mile ride west, so I went into my second round of chemotherapy unsure of the future. I wasn’t worried as much as tired all the time (lol).

Coming back to life my friend John Kean re-introduced me to a company I knew – Atlantic BT Raleigh’s leading web and software developers. Visiting on a Friday afternoon I remember thinking, “Wow this would be a great place to work”.

I mentioned my need of meaningful work after riding a bicycle for sixty days to Mark Foulkkrod and Jon Jordan. We talked some and they extended an offer to join one of the fastest growing companies in the Triangle area of North Carolina. I became Atlantic BT’s Director of Marketing in 2011.

The Long View Martin's Ride To Cure Cancer

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Pay Back, Pay Forward

After an amazing two years at Atlantic BT, perhaps the most intensive learning ever, I mentioned my desire to retire and work on my cancer foundation. Atlantic BT’s amazing gifts weren’t finished.

After hearing about CureCancerStarter.org, my crazy idea to crowdfund cancer research, the Atlantic BT team asked to help. Atlantic BT has helped financially matching my donation and with the brilliant brain power of an amazing Inc. 5000 company.

The Story of Cancer Mission

The Story of Cancer is a 501c3 nonprofit. Our mission is to help spark a new cancer research revolution to cure cancer in our lifetime. Technology is a magic key capable of unlocking the “cure” door. Story of Cancer will fund, create and imagine new technologies to help cancer researchers, doctors, administrators and caregivers connect with cancer patients their friends and families.

Story of Cancer Philosophy

Our funding comes from my 401k, Atlantic BT’s generosity and tax deductible donations from friends and family. We are NOT a big corporation with a well designed donation engine. We are friends betting our passion, love and savings to create cool things that help cancer patients, their friends and families (see Buzz Team Member Phil Buckley’s recent Excuses Are Killing You for more about US).

As an Internet marketer I have a distinct philosophy. Content marketing is our present and future. Great content carried by special winged messengers (our Buzz Team) can loop around the world in seconds.

During the last three years I’ve been DEEP in a content marketing well. Sitting deep in the well one day a new approach to content marketing appeared (not much going on down in a well lol).

My vision has several distinct ENGINES each creating virtual positive cycles helping to increase content marketing’s power, reach and community:

  • Creation of unique content.
  • Curation of content by high authority websites and experts.
  • User Generated Content.
  • An online store.
  • All wrapped and supported by a social engine.

What I learned is any content marketing without these distinct engines tends to fall short. Here is the practical application of this vision:

Will these engines help every other enginereach further without requiring large investments? Large investments we don’t have. Our fingers are crossed and our friends are in and willing to help. Is my philosophy a sure thing? Nope, but then what in life truly is?

Our goal is to form a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens with a desire to change the world to quote my favorite Margaret Mead quote again (also on our homepage). We hope you join us, contribute, learn new things, be part of a special group of FOMs (Friends of Martin’s) and help cure cancer in our lifetime.


Martin Smith

Director Marketing, Atlantic BT
Founder Story of Cancer Foundation
Founder Cure Cancer Starter
Founder Story of Cancer Stores

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Your help means we find innovative ways to help cure cancer in our lifetime and how cool is that?

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