Buzz Team Brief October 15

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Cure Cancer Buzz Team Brief
Cure Cancer Buzz Team CompetitionCure Cancer Buzz Team Competition
As many know I’ve bet the proverbial farm on two BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals): and Cancer Starter is a REVOLUTION in how we fund cancer research and the bigger of the two bets. should be live and accepting donations by tomorrow (Wednesday 10.16).

We need your HELP!
Please share the revolution with your social following. We also want to quantify who is contributing. We will ask three Cure Cancer Buzz Team members to become Buzz Team Captains at the end of our first round of cancer research campaigns (mid-November).

Add $4.00 to being a Cure Cancer Buzz Team Captain and you can get coffee at Starbucks, but recognition of your social media powers never hurts one’s KLOUT or resume and you will have helped save lives (mine chief among them lol).

Captains will be awarded based on these factors:

  • Cure Cancer Buzz Team Klout Reports (this is new today).
  • Use of Topsy to see and credit social support.
  • Use of hashtag #ccslaunch or #ccBuzzTeam.
  • Evaluation of a 3 Judge Panel (working on who the judges will be).

Each Captain will have a special badge and receive a Cure Cancer Buzz Team Varsity Jacket (with Captain clearly stitched into the jacket). The buzz team is currently at 50 members. We will add no more than 50 more Buzz Team members since teams bigger than 100 members become hard to manage.

There are two categories COMPANIES and WIZARDS. All 3 awards can come from one category (but it is highly unlikely). Captains will receive their awards before Thanksgiving. is LIVE now and full of cool “cure cancer” products. is also a platform where we hope to nurture the next generation of “cancerpreneurs”.

As soon as we are LIVE on I will Tweet and update the Buzz Team.

revolution  beginsHow many times in a life can you say you where there when a revolution began?You can be there when tech, marketing and medicine become What’s Next on the web during a Google Hangout On Air.Discover Details at Atlantic BT
WRAL Tar Heel Traveler story about Marty VIDEO – Watch WRAL’s Tar Heel Traveler share the story of and Marty’s journey across time to be here at this moment:Tar Heel Traveler Launch has been delayed until Monday 10.14 when we will need LOTS of buzzing.
Cure Cancer Store 
is OPEN!Innovative ideas include:* Become a “cancer-preneur”
we offer to pay for online stores for those willing to share profits to help cure cancer.* Cure Cancer Varsity Jacket
Modeled on my Central Junior High varsity letterman’s jacket Cure Cancer Varsity Jackets let cancer patients, their friends and family customize the jacket to share their cancer journey.* Cure Shirts, Caps and Socks
We’ve created a new line of “keyword” products that focus on single word important to cancer patients, their friends and family. Our “Cure” shirts, caps and socks include words like FAMILY, FRIENDS and STORY because these are the words every cancer patient comes to know and count on.
Pinterest-logo New Cure Cancer Buzz Team Pinterest Board
Follow it to get added to contributors.
Cure Cancer Communications
New Launch Date: Wednesday 10.9
Google Hangout:  Friday 10.11
At Atlantic BT with live interviews..Tar Heel Traveler Interview with Marty Airs Tuesday 10.8
CBS Raleigh
Resources: Nikol Murphy Promo of 10.11 Launch G+ HangoutNikol Murphy Cure Cancer Starter Hangout Promo 10.11YouTube Link:
Resources: VideosCure Cancer StarterOne of the most amazing things I’ve discovered about Cure Cancer Starter (so far) is watching the videos. UNC has a cancer clinic the small African country of Malawi.Malawi has more cancer than almost anywhere on earth and UNC’s clinic is the ONLY place for care for 15.9M people.
The clinic in Malawi is asking for $10,000 for a centrifuge that will save thousands of lives.Generations of people will be alive because of the BUZZING we do to help the single cancer clinic in a country of almost 16M people save lives.This is a single story. There are going to be many, many more.Also, can’t tell you how EMPOWERING it is for me as a cancer patient to see behind the cancer research curtain.
When I see, hear and feel my oncologist Dr. Hank Van Deventer’s passion and commitment the sense we can and will cure cancer is very strong. – Launches Monday 10.7
ribbonman_sm Martin Marty Smith Cure Cancer Store Founder
Shop To Cure Cancer  7th grade Central Jr High

Cure Cancer Varsity Jackets (NEW and EXCLUSIVE)
My brother Drew and I have created a unique idea called Cure Cancer Varsity Jackets. We got the idea from a letterman’s jacket I wore at Central Junior High School.The jacket told a story of the sports I played like football (yes that is me #51).
When I wore the jacket I had a sense of accomplishment and invincibility. My friends loved to wear it too.Drew and I wanted to recreate that experience for cancer patients.What is cancer but the toughest sport I’ve ever played. Much like playing football for Roger Stenz at Central the Big C requires a plan, a team and courage.
We’ve found the highest quality varsity jackets and we’ve created a way to modify the jacket to tell a cancer patient, their friends’ or family’s journey.Ribbon on the C can be matched to most cancer colors.
We’ve also created “TEAMS” including: Friend, Family, Survivor. Team names can be stitched into the C.Finally we created 2 LIMITED EDITION varsity jackets for FOMS (friends of martin) and COACH.Limited edition jackets are more expensive, provide a higher tax deduction (all jackets provide 25% deductions on the price and shipping is free). Prices range from $275 to $1200 (Coach).
When I’ve had chemo I’ve been impressed by the instant kinship in the room. Drew and I wanted a way to create that sense of connection out at a restaurant, movie or grocery store.
Buzz Team

Two $400 Limited Edition FOM (Friends of Martins) jackets will be awarded to two Buzz Teamers for outstanding HELP during October.
One Jacket award will be voted on by the team and I will award the other. These will be FOM jackets #1 & #2.
What things do you need to successfully share and Cure with your followers?
Share Ideas In Google Doc
Building Buzz Team
We have 38 buzzers. Would love to move that number to 100 since each new member brings a wider awareness circle.Before we earn donations people will need to know about and trust us.Nikol Murphy did a great video about why she joined the team (link on the right), please share it so your friends know the Cure Cancer Buzz Team is a force for good :). TY. M

Nikol’s video
about why she joined the buzz team on YouTube:Video is also on foundation homepage

Tech Cures Cancer Movement

Your help means we find innovative ways to help cure cancer in our lifetime and how cool is that?

You In?

You Are Not Alone

No one survives the Big C alone. We hope survivors and supporters will share their stories because stories are how we cure cancer..

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