Buzz Team Brief

Buzz Team Notes Monday 9.30

Please be sure to follow: @StoryofCancer on twitter so we can DM.

We need to build the Cure Cancer Buzz Team ranks this week, so please focus on asking your social net to JOIN this week.

Join Buzz Team Form: ( )

More Info on Team: ( ).

NOTE: I added a “Heard about buzz team from” input to the form so your followers can let us know they signed up at your request. This isn’t required, but we want to be sure and THANK all of our hard working Buzz Team Leaders.

We are roughly 7 days from our big October launches. I say “roughly” because we may not make Monday 10.7 for based on our Friday call with Roswell Park and Duke. We have a big live to the web Hangout scheduled for 10.11 so I’m hoping Cure Cancer Starter will launch by Tuesday or Wednesday.

We will make 10.7 for As soon as we know Starter’s launch we will let the buzz team know.

Buzz Team Schedule

We are working on a “Job Description”,  new graphics and a “Twitter Suggestions Corner” to support buzz team efforts. For this week (week of 9.30), please ask your social network to join the team. We have about a 48 hour turnaround on creating profiles now, but will confirm each form receipt.

Here is a timeline estimate for key dates (more on what this chart means soon):

Cure Cancer Buzz Team Timeline

Tech Cures Cancer Movement

Your help means we find innovative ways to help cure cancer in our lifetime and how cool is that?

You In?

You Are Not Alone

No one survives the Big C alone. We hope survivors and supporters will share their stories because stories are how we cure cancer..

You In?

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