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Cure Cancer Buzz Team
Who, What, Why
Buzz Teamers are people just like you who want to help cure cancer in our lifetime. You don’t have to be a scientist to help cure cancer.
Buzz Team members create awareness for new websites and content from the Story of Cancer Foundation on the social web.
Cure cancer in our lifetime.
Every day is new on the social web.
Support a new cancer research revolution by raising at least $1,000,000 in funding from new websites such as and by the end of 2014.
There is no single RIGHT way to buzz. We gather cool examples and suggestions in the Buzz Team HIVE, but Buzzers are free to empower their social network in any creative and helpful way they can create.
Is Buzz Team All About Money
No. Creating online awareness for these two new ideas is first and most important goal of the Cure Cancer Buzz Team. These websites are new ideas in a new revolution, a revolution dedicated to funding research to cure cancer.Money for cancer research is great, but many things must proceed a donation such as awareness, trust and a sense of belonging. Cure Cancer Buzz Teamers help their friends and connections know about and trust new websites and ideas created by the Story of Cancer Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit.

So What Should I do Tomorrow?
Please follow one of our our Twitter feeds @StoryofCancer, @CureCancerStart, @CureCancerStore and @ScentTrail (Marty’s Twitter).

Please LIKE Cure Cancer Starter & Story of Cancer on Facebook:

Check Buzz Team Hive for helpful suggestions and start buzzing!

Cure Cancer Buzz Teamers don’t BUZZ for prizes, but we find creative ways to say THANK YOU for their efforts.
Can I Join?
We will keep Buzz Team to about 100 buzzers. We have about 50 buzzers now, so are ACCEPTING applications for new buzz team members.
Join Now
Please apply with this QUICK FORM so we will know how to build your Cure Cancer Buzz Team Profile (Profile Example).

Tech Cures Cancer Movement

Your help means we find innovative ways to help cure cancer in our lifetime and how cool is that?

You In?

You Are Not Alone

No one survives the Big C alone. We hope survivors and supporters will share their stories because stories are how we cure cancer..

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